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A casino bonus without a deposit is not often discovered. All the more pleasing it is there, if nevertheless again and again one of the offers on the market lost itself. Up-to-date this is in the Winner Casino the case, because there wait for all new players full 30 euro. The cashed in are completely without own deposit – optimally, in order to plunder the Casino correctly beautifully.

One hour full throttle

Risiko do not enter the players with the bonus offer, because the bonus amount is credited completely automatically after the account opening. An own deposit or the like does not have to be carried out. If the bonus is on the own account, it must be cleared within one hour for the payout. That happens over a 50-fold conversion of the bonus sum, whereby then however all profits flow into the pockets of the players.

A small restriction is here however still to consider, because before a disbursement a real money employment of at least 50 euro must be carried out only once. Beyond that the maximum profit from this action is limited to an amount of 200 euro. Winnings, which exceed this limit value, are automatically removed from the player account.