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CasinoClub, one of the most popular online casinos, is now offering its members the chance to collect a full bonus in May. Actions of this kind should be already well-known to regular visitors, however now for the first time a bonus drawing with the high profit of 500 euro takes place. A lucky player can be pleased after the draw on 20 May about this sum, ten further participants have the possibility of receiving as before 50 euro bonus.

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minimum sum convert for the participation

Who wants to qualify for the bonus drawing, logs itself in each case on 12. and on 19 May with CasinoClub. On these two days a total of 100 Euro must be spent, but with the wide selection of games this should not be difficult for the passionate player. Whether Roulette, Blackjack or Poker: Here it falls considering the attractive profit easily to set the demanded amount.

Last minute registration for Spontane

A further condition for the participation is the registration for the drawing of lots on CasinoClub, which represents however also for short decided ones no problem. At the latest to 23.59 o’clock on the first action day this can still be made. Of course, you must already have a user account. The lucky winner is pulled then on the following day of the action from all fellow players, bonus and deposit can be withdrawn afterwards after a 30fachen conversion from the own account.

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