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At comdirect Bank, customers can currently earn 9% interest p.a. if they decide to subscribe to a Protect reverse convertible bond on Deutsche Bank AG. Admittedly, the Deutsche Bank share has not developed very positively in recent months, but the Protect reverse convertible bond on Deutsche Bank offers a lot of potential. It is possible that the reverse convertible can be subscribed with a fixed interest payment. Until 11 February 2019, the offer can be taken up via comdirect Bank.

What advantages does the Protect reverse convertible bond on Deutsche Bank offer?

The Protect reverse convertible bond on Deutsche Bank can be subscribed without any problems for an investment amount of EUR 1,000 or more. It is possible that the bond can be subscribed over only 12 months, which is of course highly recommended. Due to the Protect features, the probability of a delivery of shares is significantly lower than is the case with other comparable bonds. It should be noted that the maturity of 12 months is lower than that of many other bonds. The bond can be easily found under WKN PR8 E1U. It is a BNP reverse convertible Protect Last Minute on Deutsche Bank.

Zu comdirect!

What are the risks associated with an investment?

Whoever decides to invest in Deutsche Bank via this equity bond equity bond consciously assumes some risks. That means concretely that the stock bond is subject to the market influences during the entire running time. It is possible that the value of the reverse convertible bond will develop negatively. It should also be noted that it is possible that the issuer of the reverse convertible may just become insolvent. Loss up to the total loss are possible with this stock bond.

If the price of the Deutsche Bank AG reaches the barrier of the stock bond on the day of the evaluation, or also falls below, the customers do not receive their capital back, but the number of shares credited. It is possible that numerous influences can work on the share of the German bank.

Aktienanleihen over the comdirect bank – which is in addition necessarily?

Who would like to draw shares or other securities over the comdirect bank, can do this without problems and very fast with the help of a suitable depot. The bank offers securities accounts that can be completely managed and administered online. If the depot should be led together with the Girokonto with the bank it is possible that both products can be led together completely free of charge, and/or without account maintenance fees. It is therefore always worthwhile to take a closer look at comdirect Bank’s securities account.

Ebenso it should be noted that comdirect Bank always offers the option that the securities account can be managed online together with other accounts. The overnight money account, in addition, credit accounts and clearing accounts can be likewise led with the bank, which is to be recommended very much.

The comdirect Depot is repeatedly advertised for new customers as part of campaigns. In concrete terms, this means that new customers can receive a bonus if they opt for the custody account or the bank’s current account. In practice, this means that it is possible, for example, to receive a premium for opening a securities account if the corresponding trades are executed. Premiums can also be paid, for example, if the securities account is transferred from another bank to the comdirect bank. It is possible that the customers of comdirect Bank can start trading during the first 6 months at particularly favourable conditions.

What can I trade with the deposit at comdirect Bank?

With the deposit at comdirect Bank it is possible that numerous different products can be traded. In practice, comdirect Bank offers the option that shares but also funds can be traded. It is worthwhile paying attention in advance to the advantages offered by the individual trading options of comdirect Bank. In the securities sector, trading can be carried out both nationally and internationally via various platforms and stock exchanges. It should also be noted that at comdirect Bank there is the possibility of participating in stock exchange and over-the-counter trading. Both options can be exercised via the desktop PC or laptop, but also via the own app, which is made available via comdirect Bank.

The deposit account of comdirect Bank offers the option that numerous funds and ETFs can be traded. The advantages are that the offer is much more extensive than that of most other brokers. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that more than 10,000 different funds can be traded at comdirect Bank. The range of ETFs on offer is also more than extensive, so several thousand ETFs can be traded digitally via comdirect Bank – simply and directly online.

Savings plans at comdirect Bank possible from 25 Euros!

Customers of comdirect Bank can also quickly conclude savings plans. Savings plans can already be taken advantage of for as little as 25 euros. This means that each month a sum of 25 euros is paid into a share or a fund. In principle it is possible that the savings plans are carried out each month, or in addition, e.g. also every two or three months. It is to be noted that 25 euro is only the minimum sum for a savings plan, it is however also possible that clearly higher sums can be saved, and/or can be put on accordingly, like it the Trader wishes.

In the course of the time most Trader open not only a depot with the comdirect bank, but frequently also still further accounts. It should be mentioned that a great deal can be achieved with comdirect Bank in any case and that many good offers can be taken up. The trading offer is much more extensive than that of most other brokers. In addition, the broker comdirect Bank offers very extensive support 24 hours a day – even at weekends. Support can be provided via email, telephone or live chat. If you are working on your computer at the moment, you can get answers to many questions quickly and focus on your actual work.