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For the Austrian gambling giant Novomatic, 2018 was not an easy year either. In principle, different legal requirements must be observed throughout Europe, both for stationary operations and for online business. Nevertheless, the company from Gumpoldskirchen has once again managed to take extremely important and decisive steps – and it was precisely for this that two awards were presented at the start of 2019.

Novomatic stands for the compatibility of family and career

The gambling companies are nowadays enormously important engines of the economy and therefore also bear a certain social responsibility. One is already conscious of that with the Novomatic AG from the Austrian Gumpoldskirchen for several years. The company actively operates numerous programmes and projects for which it had already received the basic certificate “Audit berufundfamilie” in 2015 . A certificate which states that the Group takes care that family and career can be well combined. This year, the Group was even able to rejoice a little more, because in addition to the basic certificate from 2015, now the so-called full certificate “Audit berufundfamilie” was awarded to the Gumpoldskirchen company – by none other than the Austrian Federal Minister for Women, Family and Youth, Dr. Juliane Bogner-Strauß.

Novomatic was honoured with the award in the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna, where Dr. Klaus Niedl, Global HR Director of Novomatic AG, declared: “The award with the full certificate shows that we are on the right track and have created a solid basis for the compatibility of family and career in the company. As one of the largest employers in Lower Austria, we are proud that our joint commitment is now rewarded with the award of a state seal of quality.

Multiple criteria are tested

The people of Lower Austria can also be proud of their success, as the Federal Ministry for Women, Family and Youth checks numerous points in the companies as part of the certificate. Thus it is examined, which operational measures are offered, in order to hold the so-called Work Life Balance in agreement . In addition to the compatibility of career and family, any part-time models and support for employees, maternity/paternity leave management or the possibility of caring for relatives for employees will also be examined.

Novomatic has been one of the driving forces in the industry in all areas in recent years, so that the full certificate has in principle only been a logical step. For example, Novomatic has launched the “NOVOMoms Dads” programme, which enables employees on maternity leave to exchange information with managers on a regular basis. This enables them to “stay on the ball” even during parental leave and to be informed about what is happening in the company. This makes it much easier to get started after parental leave. In addition, the Group offers childcare support throughout the year. The “NOVOSilver Family” program in turn serves to give retired employees the opportunity to get back into the company. If desired, these can be used when there are personnel bottlenecks. In addition, regular meetings of the program participants are arranged.

Recent award as “Casino Supplier of the Year”

New reason to be happy in Lower Austria is also the operative business. The provider of Novoline Casinos was also a guest at the Gambling fair “ICE Totally Gaming” in February. Here on the one hand new innovations were presented, at the same time the awarding of the Global Gaming Awards took place on the fringes of the gaming fair. Here Novomatic could be happy about a victory in the category “Casino Supplier of the Year”, which was won for the second time by the Lower Austrians. Accordingly, CEO Harald Neumann was satisfied: “We operate around 2,100 electronic casinos and casinos worldwide and have 28 technology centres in 16 countries. This enables us to test our products in our own casinos and to respond more quickly to industry developments as well as to the wishes of international customers and offer new solutions. The first place confirms that we carry out highly professional work and that also by recognized industry connoisseurs in such a way are noticed.

In fact the global Gaming Awards are enormously in demand in the gambling industry, since it concerns prestigious prices. These are awarded in a total of 16 categories in which companies are distinguished for their innovations in the field of products and services. In the jury sit 50 international industry experts, who select from its group of 165 nominated candidates the winners. Each vote is examined thereby by the consulting firm KPMG, why it concerns at the same time also one of the most respectable prices of the gambling industry. Already this prize has been awarded since 2014, for the second time in a row the award ceremony took place in the British capital London, after the gambling paradise Las Vegas had appeared as the venue four times before.

Positive prospects for the future

The review of the year 2018 turns out to be very pleasing for Novomatic overall, since numerous set goals could actually be achieved. At the same time it is worth looking into the future, because also here in Gumpoldskirchen we are heading towards good times at least currently. More and more nations in Europe are opening up to gambling, so that the own products should receive even more popularity in the future. Beyond that the Austrians are in addition, on the ?new? gambling market in the USA already now one of the somewhat larger numbers, although not inevitably under the own name… Should the market here expand again, Novomatic should benefit as well. Only the participation in the Casinos Austria and the constant discussions with the co-owner, the Czech Sazka Group, are a little bit depressing the mood. However, this is another topic, which in the course of the year 2019 will probably still be discussed by Neumann and