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The market is unstoppable the online casinos in motion and so offers appear again and again, which were not mentioned so far with a single syllable. A good example is SimbaGames. Because although the Casino has to offer a whole quantity, the Portfolio plays in Germany still no role. And exactly that is to change – with a generous welcome package from bonus money and free plays.

To the Simba Games Casino

fivefold deposit bonus with SimbaGames

The welcome package of the casino is opened with the first deposit on the account. For this the offerer promises a 100 per cent bonus of up to 100 euro, which is supplemented additionally still by 20 free plays for the Slot Ninja master . An end is then however not yet in view, because also the coming four deposits are recompenced with a bonus with SImbaGames.

Payout are always 50 per cent bonus to 50 euro, as well as 25 free plays for Ninja master thereby. The bottom line is therefore a welcome gift of up to 300 euros, which is additionally attractively designed by 120 free spins.

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